A Little About Me

Born and raised in Normal, Illinois, but I have made my home in Brooklyn. I have lived here for nearly 10 years. In this time I have grown my passion in fitness and education. In addition to working as a personal trainer and CrossFit coach, I am a teacher and an administrator in Early Childhood Education.

I have always been interested in fitness; playing soccer, running, lifting weights, etc. Six years ago I began doing CrossFit. I wanted to learn more about weightlifting and found a great community at Park Slope CrossFit. I have competed in CrossFit competitions (as an individual and on teams) and have also competed in Power Lifting.

I have more than 6 years experience training and more than 3 years of experience in training adults and children. I have multiple certifications and a variety of experience. Find out more about my experience and qualifications by clicking the button below.