Check out CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Sunset Park!

I am an instructor there and we would love to have you join us!


I have more than12 years experience in education and one thing I know is that kids need play—it is how they learn! Exercise for kids is done through physically active games. Children today do not have enough recess time or enough physical education in school. I can help supplement this through fun and games. With me they will build strength, flexibilty, and endurance. The children will participate in games that incorporate learned movements.

Great Birthday Party idea! Send a message to me or CrossFit Sunset Park ( to inquire about party details and prices.

Parents of children and teens must be present during the session whether participating or not. Due to the nature of the activities, sessions with children are best when more than one child is participating.


Exercising benefits to children:

    • Strengthens bones and muscles

    • Builds children’s self-confidence and self-esteem

    • Teaches them the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise

    • Promotes brain health and creativity

    • Your child will be less likely to become overweight

    • Learning new skills and trying new activities

Ages 3-6


Best in groups of three to eight children


Ages 7-12

45- 60 MINUTES

Best in Groups of 3-8 children.




Individual or group